Why Should You Replace Home Water Pipes?

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It is said, water is the source of life. What if this source becomes the reason to death! Yes, it can happen. Most of the time horrible diseases spread in mob through water. And to spread diseases nothing can be as a good medium as water.

To check your home water pipes by a professional plumber after a certain time period is necessary. Or, else your family members, specifically children, can be the worst sufferer. Besides if you check the pipes at least twice in a year, your kids and family members may drink neat and clean water. However, there are some other reasons why should you replace home water pipes.Damage due to tree roots- Most houses have trees. These tree roots cause to create breakage in pipes. Tree roots can easily spread under the basement of the house.

Therefore, these roots cause breakages in pipes. So, if your house is surrounded by trees, then you need to get the pipes replaced once in a year. However, if it is an emergency, don’t delay and call an emergency plumber to fix the issue. In this case, you need to buy high quality pipes, so that it will not easily be affected. For the sake of galvanization: Before 1960, home plumbing had been done by galvanised steel. Although those pipes are replaced in most of the cases, but still there are a few who are still using those pipes. Perhaps you are thinking about what wrong will be there to use galvanised pipes? The advantages of using this galvanised pipe are they can be easily plugged up, corded and lead the water pressure to flow down. Click here for more info on emergency plumber Cheltenham.

We all think that if there is good water pressure that means there is no chance of harmful bacteria. But it’s just a myth! There is a coating inside the galvanised pipe, which can easily be flaked off. Therefore, it creates a leak and mixes rust and iron with water. While it needs a complete replacement, most of the people do not replace the whole pipe, but they only repair the leaked portion to save money. However instead of saving a little amount of money, people summon various diseases.The use of polybutylene pipes- This type of pipe even can lead to major health issues. Even the pipes are made by lead, it can also be harmful and that is why they are needed to be replaced while they are in stable position. Lead pipes came to the fore in 1990. However, instead of other pipes this type of pipe has good chances of breakage. It results brittle and wasting water and is harmful for health. So if your house consists polybutylene pipes you need to get them repaired or replace as early as possible.