Tips On Creating A Child Safe Kitchen

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While the kitchen is the best place to make hygienic and clean food, it is also the perfect place to store all sorts of knick knacks. It is also the place where the chances are kids might mess about and create havoc. Yet however it is a necessity, and is important to create a granite overlay countertops. This way you could do your work in peace while also ensuring your kid’s safety. Here are a couple tips on this;

Child locks

The drawers are usually the places where you would store your sharp cutleries and other essential equipment. It is also usually at a height that is reachable by any toddler. Hence in order to ensure that your child and equipment are safe, installing a child lock for these would be perfect. While you get a kitchen makeover to upgrade your cooking space, pay close attention to this as well, as it will help improve your overall work productivity since you know your child would be safe from sharp tools and equipment.

Floor material choice

This is another important thing that needs close attention to be paid. The choice of floor material may differ from a rough surface to a smooth one and this certainly has its own effects on those that are constantly in and out of the kitchen. If it were to be smooth and slippery, it certainly isn’t the safest similarly if it were to be hard and rough it has its own effects not only on the kids but on the adults as well. So when you get a kitchens renovations opt to use material like linoleum or go for a floating floor which too would be ideal.


Generally it is pantry cabinets or cupboards that are used for storing electrical tools and equipment, glasses and even the gas cylinder, and these are usually placed in areas that are reachable by anyone. So take a day off and rearrange things or get stronger locks installed for these storage cupboards. Placing glasses on high cabinets and installing locks on the cupboard that has electrical items stored in it or simply moving them to a higher place are some suggestions. Be concerned of what you store and where you store.

Installing corner bumpers

With the sharp edges on islands, chances are that anyone could get hurt are high, so by installing corner bumpers you may be able to reduce such damages from happening.