Having The Perfect Lawn

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A beautifully maintained and perfectly landscaped garden is what most homeowners’ dream of. It’s what most people dream when they are planning to buy a house with a garden in it. The pictures from all the glossy home and garden magazines they have been flipping through is what they have in mind. And this is what they would definitely get if they hand over the project of landscaping their garden to professionals. But the real question is will their garden continue to look that beautiful and perfect?

The gravity of it all

We never go past thinking what will happen after the professional landscapers and turf layers hand us our perfect garden and lawns. They are not going to be hanging around forever and maintaining the garden for us. After that it all falls on our shoulders. And what most of us don’t realize is that maintaining and not setting it up is the most labor intensive phase of having a home garden. Everyone loves a well maintained lawn, to be able to walk on that lush grass and feel the tickle of the grass blades and the coolness of the grass. But ask your local turf suppliers Parramatta and they will tell that maintaining a traditional lawn is way more heavy work than some other options that are available like dwarf mondo grass which requires less labor for maintenance. The needs of a traditional lawn are never ending. Most importantly they keep growing and therefore they need to be mowed to keep the grass at that all-important perfect height. And if you have quite a large lawn then most of your weekends are spent tending to your garden. And then you have all the gardener jargon of fertilizer, top soil, pre and post emergent, fungicides and insecticides, irrigation systems and not least of all the time and hard work that is required to keep you garden looking amazing and not like something that has been allowed to run wild.

But despite all the effort that is required and the not so great results most people are reluctant to give up on their traditional lawns and take up other easier options like dwarf mondo grass or synthetic turf, over which they do not have to toil so hard. Maybe because nothing compares to the beauty of a well looked after traditional lawn at its peak or the feeling of satisfaction that they get when walking barefoot over their lush surfaces. Like they say some traditions are hard to break and I guess this is one of them for certain people.