Tips On Throwing The Best Kids Party Ever March 6, 2017

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Throwing a kids party truly is a hard task by just trying to imagine gathering all the loud and boisterous kids together in one place! But I guess it all becomes worth it end of the day when you see your child sporting the biggest smile ever! It might be hard to plan the perfect party for a kid but with a little organized work, it might not be the hardest task ever. You could throw the party as a surprise to make things even better! Here are a few tips to consider when throwing this party;


Planning is important when it comes to anything. Because it is only then do you have a sense of direction and know what exactly needs to be done and when. Plan the time for your party, since these are kids we are talking about, a time range from 2-5 would be ideal since it’s after lunch and before dinner, plan your guest list, party food and everything else that is important too. Making sure you have a backup plan as well to face any situation that might arise too is important.


What’s amusing about a kid’s party is the colorful themes these parties are built upon. So choose whichever theme that you think your kid might love. For example you could go with a Monsters Inc. theme or even a Disney princess theme. Request your guests to dress up to the theme as well and plan your food and deco to go with the theme for the day. You could even dress your kid up as one of his/ her favorite characters and let them live their dream!


You could choose to have the party in all famous fancy restaurant, but I would suggest going for a more laid back backyard party that lets kids run wild and be free! Throwing a backyard party also gives you the freedom to decorate the place to whichever way you want so don’t bother trying to even think of fancy places to hold the party in. Planning to throw a party in the comfort of your own home where you could make use of the small kitchen renovations Sydney that you got done recently would simply be great! So don’t hesitate at all!


Cake is an important part of any birthday. You could order a cake to fit in with your budget and theme for the day or you could even bake your own cake and decorate it to go along with the theme. One suggestion for a cake would be to bake a piñata cake with skittles or m&ms stuffed inside it so when the cake is cut they spill out of it creating a rainbow mess! Making use of the modern kitchen designs Sydney that you added to your kitchen recently, it definitely won’t be a hassle to bake your own cake at home!


Plan a few inexpensive party games for the kids to have fun. You could organize a scavenger hunt, or play charades or even freeze dance. Organize a couple of gifts for the winner of these games and may be even little participatory gift for the others as well.

Gift bags

At the end of the day pack a few gift bags for the kids to take home with them. Fill it with candy and few other little tokens of remembrance and even little thank you notes as well. Whatever you do don’t forget to be a little flexible if there’s a change of plan or any other incidents that may occur, after all we are talking about kids here! If your kid is happy at the end of the day I guess that is what is most important!

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